[MS4W-Users] SDE

Yves Moisan yves.moisan at boreal-is.com
Wed Jan 20 15:07:36 EST 2010

> Hello Yves,
> For the record, the correct instructions for connecting to both raster 
> and vector SDE layers are fully described in the MS4W 3.0 beta7's README 
> file, which you should have locally (or they can be viewed online at 
> http://www.maptools.org/ms4w/index.phtml?page=README_INSTALL_3.0.html#sde). 

Hi Jeff,

Thanx.  I should have RTFM.  However this bit scares me : 

"*Note that you might need to add the ArcGIS location (such as*
   *C:/Program Files/ArcGIS/Bin) to your system PATH environment*"

The SDE server isn't on the same machine.  I guess I'll have to map a
network drive, unless it isn't needed really.

>   I suggest you follow those instructions, and if there are any changes 
> required to those steps please file a ticket in the MS4W issue tracker 
> (http://www.maptools.org/ms4w/index.phtml?page=bugs.html).  Thanks very 
> much.

Will do.  Thanx again,


> -jeff

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