[MS4W-Users] SDE

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Fri Jan 22 08:32:59 EST 2010

Yves Moisan wrote:
> Replying to self : http://windows.php.net/download/ then download "VC9
> x86 Thread Safe (2009-Nov-19 10:02:27)" for 5.3 (5.3.1).  At first I
> took the version at the top of the download page, the non thread-safe
> one, so it wasn't working.  Got it now.

You will notice that with PHP 5.3.0 most of the extensions are loaded by 
default (check the 'PHP 5.3.0' link on your localhost page).  If you 
need custom extensions added then you will need to probably custom build 
PHP.  For example, the Mapbender community filed an MS4W ticket 
requesting specific extensions, so I compiled PHP with specific 
extensions (for beta8, which will be released publicly soon). 

Widely used extensions can be requested through the MS4W issue tracker; 
however if you require a custom build right away you can always contact 
my team directly and we can move forward together.

I think you decided to go down the path of grabbing a pre-compiled PHP, 
that is an option also, but it will involve a lot of work to incorporate.


Jeff McKenna
FOSS4G Consulting and Training Services

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