[MS4W-Users] ms4w Proj setup

Brent Fraser bfraser at geoanalytic.com
Tue Jun 15 14:04:16 EST 2010


   It sounds like the PROJECTION opbjest in your map file are ok.  I've have 
trouble in the past when getting Quantum to generate a valid mapserver mapfile, 
so you may want to check that.  And I didn't know that it would create the 
correct entries to have mapserver act as a WMS server.

The Quantum-generated extent puts your area just east of the Black Sea, while 
the other extent  is around Vancouver (using 900913), so I'd say yes change the 

Best Regards,
Brent Fraser

Chris Lam wrote:
> Hello,
> It is my understanding that my mapfile's MAP-level PROJECTION setting is
> that of the output projection, so I have set that one to "init=epsg:900913"
> while the LAYER-level PROJECTION is the projection I wish to transform from,
> in my case "init=epsg:4326".  My mapfile was created using Quantum GIS's
> 'export to mapserver' plugin which automatically generates a mapfile which
> can then be edited.  The MAP-level EXTENT was likewise automatically
> generated to be 479264.622425,5477205.119250,486387.071575,5480636.844750,
> so they already seem to be in metre units instead of lat long degrees.  When
> the WMS is tiled in my map browser over a Bing Map of the area, I see in the
> URL that the SRS has been changed from 4326 to 900913 and the BBOX is
> -13719529.331192,6352222.7966734,-13718306.33874,6353445.7891258.  Should I
> change the automatically generated mapfile MAP-level EXTENT to 900913
> coordinates?

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