[MS4W-Users] FW: How to Load only Necesary Javascript on OpenLayers

Orlando Solarte registro_orsolarte at hotmail.com
Tue May 18 11:53:22 EST 2010

I am developing GIS aplication using Open layers. I have a map wit one Google's layer and WFS Layer. 
I am having troubles, because load all extensions OpenLayers (WMSCapabilities.js, Text.js, GeoJSason.js, ectetera, gpx.js, etcera), so 
my page load is aprox 6Megabytes!.  I am not use all extensions, only  WFS.js.
So, Is there some way to load only necesary javascript?, in this case only WFS.js, OpenLayers.j.
I hope understand me.
Sorry my bad english, is not my first language.
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