[MS4W-Users] ms4w and win7

Greg Luker gluker at scu.edu.au
Tue Oct 26 22:02:18 EST 2010

Hi MS4W users,

Just some quick feedback to say that MS4W seems to run fine under 
Windows 7 Pro (64-bit). I have installed ms4w_3.0_beta11 and MySQL 
5.1.51 (Community Server) and once I made a small change to the hosts 
file (in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\) to uncomment the 
localhost mapping, everything appears at this stage to be working (eg 
phpmyadmin talks to the MySQL database, mapserver displays my map in 
my web browser - some of the data points on the map are coming from a 
MySQL database).

Hope this info helps someone.


Greg Luker
GIS Lab Manager
Southern Cross University
61 2 66203026

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