[MS4W-Users] Download and install of 3.0.3

Smith, Michael Michael.Smith at maine.gov
Thu Dec 22 11:51:26 EST 2011

Not sure where Brent is located, but there is currently a big Internet
issue in NE USA, as some bozo in Massachusetts cut through a major
fiber-optic link with a backhoe.  The State is running on its backup
link, but it only 40% of our main link. We are crawling Internet-wise
right now.

Michael Smith
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On 11-12-22 11:42 AM, Brent Fraser wrote:
> Jeff,
>     I'm trying to install 3.0.3 with the installer, but it times-out
> downloading the zip file.  I've been able to download the zip file
> manula,  so is there some way to point the installer to my local copy?


No.  I'll check into this timeout problem, hmmmm, not good.  You are on 
a fast/regular connection, and the issue is on our side you are saying?


Jeff McKenna
MapServer Consulting and Training Services

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