[MS4W-Users] Does PHP-Mapscript-FCGI cache the map-object?

Ludwig Kniprath ludwig at kni-online.de
Sat Feb 19 05:52:57 EST 2011

Hi list,
I'm using ms4w in version 3.0.1, Apache 2.2.17, PHP 5.3.5 in 
Fast-CGI-Mode (mod_fcgid/2.3.6 ) and just had a strange problem.

I use only PostGIS-Layers. The layers in the mapfile are all set to 
"STATUS OFF" and have no "connection" and "data"-parameters, because 
this is set dynamicaly by mapscript. They use "PROCESSING 

By mistake ther were errors in former runs of the map-creation, the 
"data"-String had some SQL-Errors. Afterwards the corrected PHP-Script 
still threw lots of error-messages "msPostGISLayerWhichShapes(): Query 
error. Error (FEHLER:  Syntaxfehler bei »AND« LINE 5: ...ew_gewaesser AS 
"gewaesser_obj.gewaesser"  WHERE  AND  AND", although at that time I 
only had loaded the map-Object ($map_object = 
ms_newMapObj($path_to_the_map_file);), set the Size 
($map_object->setSize($map_width, $map_height);) and so the layers had 
no data and no connection params and status off.

These messages did not disappear until shutting down and restarting the 
Apache (and the PHP-FCGI-Process).

That leads me to the assumption, that somewhere the map-object (with all 
errors) is cached and reused within the FCGI-Process and overwrites the 
new loaded mapfile. A somehow disturbing behaviour...

Is this a bug or did I oversee something?


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