[MS4W-Users] msTileCache problem

Brian May bmay at mapwise.com
Tue Jan 11 21:04:18 EST 2011

I am using ms4w v3 beta11 and I am getting the following errors in the 
ms_error.txt file. This is one example of many (one per layer requested) 
- it errors on each layer present in the map file that is requested via WMS.

[Tue Jan 11 19:58:49 2011].796000 msTileCacheGetLayer(): section 
us_states_outlines not found in config file.[Tue Jan 11 19:58:49 
2011].796000 msTileCacheDispatchRequest(): no layer named 
us_states_outlines in config file.[Tue Jan 11 19:58:49 2011].843000 CGI 
Request 1 on process 7304

It seems like its coming from the new WMS-C patch, but I cannot find any 
documentation or properly understand the code to figure out what to do 
about it. I had set the MS_TILECACHE_CONFIG_FILE variable to see if that 
helped things but then it just throws the error above (before it was 
saying I had no config file).

I am not requesting to draw tiled layers, I am simply sending a request 
to draw the layer in the map file and for whatever reason, mapserver is 
thinking I am requesting to draw a tilecache layer.

OS is Windows Vista.

Any ideas?


Brian May
MapWise Inc.

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