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Mark Volz MarkVolz at co.lyon.mn.us
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There are three approaches to adding ms4w to a computer that is already
running a web server


1.       Jeff's approach:  Installing the binaries into an existing

2.       Referring to the ms4w files from another server.

3.       Install two servers.




I would recommend Jeff's approach.   That way you will not need to be running
two servers at once.  One of the counties that I work with used the second
approach.  They have IIS on their machines and they configured IIS to read
the files from C:\MS4W.  The GeoMoose  website has an excellent document that
explains how to do this.  The last approach, running two servers at once can
be done.  However you need to be careful about a couple things:


*         You will need to modify the IP / Port that both web servers are
listening to so that they are not trying to listen to the same IP/ Port.  For
example you could change the port to listen to 8080.  Then your ms4w address
will be www.yourserver:8080

*         Many MS4W applications assume ms4w is using localhost:80.  You may
need to adjust settings in your application so that the application is
requesting maps from the correct server. 







Mark Volz

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I have installed and configured an ms4w application in a test environment.  I
want to move it to a production environment where there may be an existing
Apache and/or IIS installation.  What are the requirements which need to be
met for ms4w to work in this kind of environment?  Are there potential
conflicts to be aware of?





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