[MS4W-Users] Activating and deactivating layers from a map in mapserver exported from QGIS

Francois Lopez fllopez65 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 27 14:05:19 EST 2011

I use Quantum GIS(1.6.0) Windows 7. I'm new to this software. I've created a
map thru qgis, and then an index.html file and a global.map html template
file. I can run them through localhost/maps etc...but when the map gets
produced the activate check boxes in my map are irrelevant, whether they are
ticked or not the layers are active in the map. Does anyone know which
file(and coding) controls whether the layers are activated by activating a
check mark in the radio button. I don't believe its the index file coding so
it must be either the global.map template file or the global.html file which
determines how the map is displayed.

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