[MS4W-Users] porting code from linux to windows (don't ask why) and php_mysql.dll

Theobald, Charles charles.theobald at ncdenr.gov
Wed Oct 26 14:04:12 EST 2011

I'm having a problem with a relatively simple map file that works fine on an existing linux host but won't run on windows.  In the map file, I'm joining a shape file to a mysql table to use joined attribute data for displaying polygons in different colors based on the attribute field (no x y or lat long columns).  The map does not display, and the server error log indicates a missing php_mysql.dll (which was not part of the ms4w 3.0.2 binary.)
Is that dll available, or do I need to make my OGR connect differently?
Here's how I'm making the connection now (does not work on new server)
DATA "SELECT * FROM Drought_County a LEFT JOIN 'MYSQL:dbname,host=hostname,user=****,password=*********'.dm_20111011 b ON a.fips = b.id"


Charles Theobald
NC Division of Water Resources
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