[MS4W-Users] php-cgi.exe*32 - eating up memory - Please advise!

Mir Hashmi tohashmi at gmail.com
Sat Apr 14 03:17:24 EST 2012


I have an on-going problem with running ms4w on our server.

php-cig.exe*32 (description - CGI/FastCGI)
- very high memory consumption
- by time it accumulates more than 30 or 50 processes.
- mapserver stops responding

MS4W - Version 3.0.2
 - Apache 2.2.17
 - PHP 5.3.6
 - Mapserver CGI 5.6.6

Server details
 - 64bit Windows Server Enterprise (Service Pack 2)
 - 2.40Ghz 2 Processors with 8gb RAM

Also I am running the same version of MS4W on another two servers
without any problem.
One is having a 32-bit Windows 2003 Standard OS & the other one with
64-bit Windows 2008 Standard OS.

Please advise.

Best regards
Mir Hashmi
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