[MS4W-Users] Problems to install ms4w in windows7 (64bit)

Jan Tappenbeck tappenbeck at widemann.de
Fri Jan 6 06:27:18 EST 2012

  Hi !

i try to install ms4w in windows7 64bit and there are many problems....

the source is [1] rel. 3.0.3

to install the software i try to run osgeo4w.bat - but the PATH-Variable 
will not add automaticlly - so i try manuell.

in the next line there sould be run some bat-files in the folder - 
%OSGEO4W%\etc\ini -> the folder etc exists; but ini not - there only is 
a folder setup with non-bat-files !!!!

at last i try to run setenv.bat manuell - but sorry the PATH will not 
added. in my opion i am missing the drive-letter ...?

next there will be added some other Variables like GDAL_DATA - here i am 
missing drive-letters agains and then i try a test by following command:

echo %GDAL_DATA% - but no value will show.

can anyone help me ?

regards Jan

[1] http://www.maptools.org/dl/ms4w/ms4w_3.0.3.zip

regards Jan

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