[MS4W-Users] Newbie: Using MapServer CGI in free host providers

Saka Royban sakaroyban at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 21 02:20:55 EST 2012

Thanks a lot Jeff
I got the point.

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Hello Saka,

You can follow generic instructions for this in your local MS4W README

I imagine your remote folder would require permissions to run a CGI
executable (mapserv.exe) through Apache or IIS; you would have to ask
your provider.


Jeff McKenna
MapServer Consulting and Training Services

On 12-07-20 7:02 AM, Saka Royban wrote:
> Hi
> I'm a newbie to mapserver. I have downloaded MS4W and done some basic
> projects.
> Now, I wanna see the result (no only in localhost but also) on the web
> in a free host provider.
> Is it possible to copy mapserver exe and dlls into provided directory by
> admin of the site or they should be copied in special directories at server?
> Or I have to turn to mapscript?

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