[MS4W-Users] Please help me!!

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Mon Feb 11 16:06:35 EST 2013

Hello from Canada :)

You should take a look at this page for OSM with MS4W:

For a front-end app, take a look at OpenLayers and GeoExt (they go great
together with MapServer).  You can ask questions about these on the
OpenLayers or GeoExt mailing lists.

(chameleon was developed about 10 years ago and the source is very out
of date beware)



Jeff McKenna
MapServer Consulting and Training Services

On 13-02-11 4:56 PM, bogdan adrian wrote:
> Hello,
>  My name is bosoi bogdan, i am from romania.
> I`ve got this project at school, i need a mapserver working with maps
> from www.openstreetmaps.org and their database. I know there is a lot of
> information on the web but i can`t understand completly, i am a newbie.
> I need to make this work on IIS or apache server, offline.  I need to
> create my own database with osm info.
>  I can make the mapserver work and i can create a database in
> postgresql, but i`m stuck at `no query string information`. I`ve coppied
> chameleon  (apache) in ms4w folder.
>  Please tell me what i have to do, what apps should i use, if is posible
> more simple than in the website.  
> Respect, Bogdan Adrian

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