[owtchart-users] single point plots

Daniel Morissette morissette@dmsolutions.ca
Wed, 30 Oct 2002 23:18:58 -0500

"Otterson, Lynne" wrote:
> Thank you again for the prompt response.
> I am afraid I can't get your solution to work. I have tried using your
> suggestion with my own parameter settings, and also copying your example
> into my asp page (and amending to use my copy of owtchart.exe), but in both
> cases I get the box with the red cross!
> Is is possible that you are using a different version of OWTChart? I
> wondered because in the documentation I have, the "Type" value
> "Combo_HLC_Line" is not shown.

Hummmm... it seems that the executables on the download site were quite
out of date.  I have uploaded a new win32 binary at

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