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Sun Apr 2 18:24:42 EDT 2000

Rick Brownrigg wrote:
> I'd like to inquire if there's any interest in support for MGRS in the
> Proj library  -- anybody else use this?
> There's support in other places, but I find it awkward to use Proj for
> some purposes, another library for MGRS, etc.  I can certainly take the
> lead in coding/testing if thats what it takes.  I have a number of
> reference sites, however I'd appreciate any pointers others may have as
> well.
> Note, that it unfortunately requires additional interfaces into the
> library, as the MGRS coordinate is a string (typically 15 characters),
> not a pair of doubles.
> BTW: on a related topic, I've found the UTM support awkward to use.
> Ideally, I'd like to plug in a Long/Lat pair, and get back UTM with the
> "proper" zone number.   Currently, one must *know* the zone and use that
> as a projection parameter.  Both behaviors are useful.  This would also
> require additional interface mods.   Comments?


I pretty much agree with what Gerald had to say about UTM; however, I still
think a function to return the preferred zone given a lat/long position is

For MGRS.  I am familiar with MGRS being used to specify a region (perhaps
a square on a mapsheet), and then have a set of coordinates within that region,
relative to it's origin.  To me, it seems that MGRS should be a sort of zonal
system where a user can pass in a projection string specifying an MGRS
region, and it would internally be translated to the corresponding set of
transverse mercator parameters, including false easting and northing. 

I would like to do something like this for a variety of zonal systems, 
including state plane, but I am not sure what form it should take.  In
the meantime, you might want to implement a function which can take a PROJ.4
style string and if it recognises an "MGRS" projection it would substitute
the corresponding TM parameters and offset. 

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