Gerald I. Evenden gevenden at capecod.net
Wed Apr 26 10:43:13 EDT 2000

You catch me at a bad time as I am about to upgrade my system
and do a lot of moving and backup so my source of PROJ is
in current limbo.  But, ...

I realize that defines used in one system may be inconflict with other,
totally unrelated, systems but I question the desirablility of the method
to resolve this problem, especially one that requires changes to basic
elements of either system.  BTW, when referring to "windows" are we
talking M$ or X11?

A second point is release number and basic designation of PROJ.4.
This brings up the point as to the "official" source point of PROJ.4.
In some cases, this is view as the USGS site kai.er.usgs.gov.
It is going to get *very* confusing if different sites come up with
individual audit trails on their release numbers for the basic
designation of "PROJ.4."

This is not supplying solutions, just raising some issues.

Jerry Evenden and the low riders: Katie and Daisy-Mae
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Date: Wednesday, April 26, 2000 9:15 AM
Subject: [OSRS-PROJ] projUV / UV

>One of the changes to PROJ requested for Windows portability was to rename
>UV as it conflicted with some windows define.  I modified the structure
>to projUV in all the PROJ.4 code in the 4.4.0/1 releases.  However, I
>really think it through very carefully, and as released there is no way for
>a program being built to detect whether it should use UV or projUV.  I have
>modified projects.h to #define USE_PROJUV in newer versions so that
>can check for this.  Unfortunately PROJ 4.4.0 and 4.4.1 will still be hard
>identify.  For anyone in a pinch it should be sufficient to #define projUV
>UV before #including projects.h if USE_PROJUV isn't used.
>Best regards,

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