[OSRS-PROJ] datum transformations

Gerald I. Evenden gevenden at capecod.net
Tue Mar 28 14:47:32 EST 2000

Program 'proj' doesn't know anything about datums.  The program that
does 84/83 datums for the US is 'nad2nad'.  Execution of nad2nad
is discussed in the (first) interim report.

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    Subject: [OSRS-PROJ] datum transformations
    Frank (and others),
      I've noticed that Proj4 seems to do NAD 27 / 84 datum
    conversions, but I'm still a little lost on how to specify
    the parameters on the command line, or drive Proj4 using
    the function calls to do the datum conversion.
      I've looked thru the Proj4 doc and the ShapeLib contrib 
    doc at the info there is on using Proj4 to do datum conversion.
      Is there any additional datum conversion info specific to Proj4?
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