[OSRS-PROJ] PROJ-4.4.2 Release

Frank Warmerdam warmerda at home.com
Fri Sep 22 13:12:11 EDT 2000


I am issuing a PROJ 4.4.2 release.  It includes the new datum handling, which
should be considered an "Alpha" release, but in other regards it should be a
stable production release. 

It can be downloaded from:


The ChangeLog reports:

-- 2000-09-22  Frank Warmerdam  <warmerda at cs46980-c>

	* Update version to 4.4.2, in preparation for 4.4.2 release.

	* Ensure makefile.vc is distributed, and mention windows building

	* Cast args to freev2() in bch2bps.c, and mk_cheby.c to avoid errors
	on the Cray.

2000-09-21  Frank Warmerdam  <warmerda at cs46980-c>

	* Added "sphere" to pj_ellps.c. 

2000-07-06  Frank Warmerdam  <warmerda at cs46980-c>

	* Fixed bug in nad_init() with path for datum shifting files.

	* Implemented cs2cs program for transforming between coordinate systems
	including datum shifts.

	* Implemented proj=latlong pseudo-projection.

	* Implemented pj_transform() to transform from one coordinate system
	to another, including applying geocentric datum shifts, and NAD27
	grid shifts.

	* Implemented 3/7 parameter geocentric datum shift support.

	* Added support for +datum, +towgs84, and +nadgrids parameters
	when defining PJ's (for pj_init()).  Added datum_type, and datum_params
	to PJ structure.

2000-07-04  Frank Warmerdam  <warmerda at cs46980-c>

	* Patched proj.c to handle binary io properly on Windows and DOS.
	Patch submitted by Thomas Knudsen <thk at kms.dk>.

2000-04-26  Frank Warmerdam  <warmerda at cs46980-c>

	* Added #define USE_PROJUV to projects.h to allow apps to
	work properly against old and new version.

2000-04-04  Frank Warmerdam  <warmerda at rommel.atlsci.com>

	* Patch from Craig Bruce (cbruce at cubewerx.com) for PJ_ortho.c
	to make INVERSE() work well for points near zero.

2000-03-29  Frank Warmerdam  <warmerda at cs46980-c>

	* Added hard links for invproj->proj and invgeod->geod in 

Best regards,

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