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Clifford J Mugnier cjmce at lsu.edu
Thu Apr 5 16:30:11 EDT 2001

I'll vote for WGS 84 as the default ellipsoid and Datum; it's about time
NAD27 be put to rest except for historical cartographic applications.

I believe that "quick and dirty" can accomplish a lot; especially for the
neophyte that is getting access to more and more up-to-date data sets
referenced to NAD 83/WGS 84.

It enables more people to go forth into the world of GIS fat and happy
before they get pounded with Datums.  Although near and dear to my heart,
it is an awful amount of technical stuff (different Datums, ellipsoids,
etc.) for a beginner to digest.

The old Datum is dead.  Long live the "new" Datum!

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