[OSRS-PROJ] PROJ.4 "proj=latlong ellps=GRS80" functionality?

Craig Bruce csbruce at cubewerx.com
Fri Aug 3 12:26:15 EDT 2001

"Ed McNierney" <ed at topozone.com> wrote:

> That is, my input coordinate (-71, 43) is transformed to (-1.24, 0.75).
> What does this mean?  I would expect the output results to be either
> identical to my input (if the input data is presumed to be in the output
> ellipsoid or if GRS80 or WGS84 is the default) or I would expect them to
> be very slightly different (if the input ellipsoid is something else).

It looks to me like the output is the same coordinate value as the input,
except translated into radians.  Since only two decimal places seem to be
showing, you probably wouldn't see any difference between GRS80 and WGS84,
though I don't think the ellipsoid is switched in this invocation.

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