[OSRS-PROJ] Datum conversion

Marc-André Morin Marc-Andre.Morin at altaphoto.com
Tue Aug 21 09:03:08 EDT 2001


I try to convert coordinates from NAD83 (UTM z19) to NAD27 (SPCS Western
Maine) and it doesn't work.
These are the steps that I followed:

1- I'have built nad2bin.exe to convert ASCII files in binary format by this
	nmake /f makefile.vc nadshift
2- I'have built proj to get proj.dll:
	nmake /f makefile.vc all
3- Built port to get cpl.lib:
	nmake /f makefile.vc port_dir
4- Built ogr to get ogr.lib:
	nmake /f makefile.vc ogr_dir

After all, I've made a VC project including:
	1. testepsg.cpp (from OGR's source code)
	2. proj.dll
	3. cpl.lib, cpl.h and cplext.h
	4. cpl.lib

No error and no warning is detected.
The result is correct if I try this command:
testepsg -t 32619 32618 440000 4800000

32619: UTM zone 19
32618: UTM zone 18

But an error happens if I try:
testepsg -t 32619 26784 440000 4800000

26784: SPCS Western Maine

Do you have an idea?

Best regards,



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