Rép. : [OSRS-PROJ] Proj.4 in MS Visual C++ MFC

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Tue Aug 28 09:30:42 EDT 2001

Emmanuel Verlynde wrote:
> Personnaly i have integrated proj4 into an windows application without any problems. I use c++builder to compile and link proj4 into a ".lib" incorporated into a .exe and a lot of warning messages appears but are not really important. Also the definition HUGE_VAL is not useable like the unix version... if anyone can find a sloution for this problem... send me the answer. thanks.


I don't think I run into problems with HUGE_VAL on windows.  What problem are
you running into?  I guess it isn't defined in the C++Builder include files?
I imagine you can just #define it to a large/unlikely value in proj_api.h if
it isn't already defined.  The important thing is that the value won't
occur in normal use, and that the same value is used in the library and the
calling application.

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