[OSRS-PROJ] "projection initialization failure" Error

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Sat Feb 24 09:12:59 EST 2001

Michael DeChaine wrote:
> So, it works now, but isn't there a default ellipsoid?  Well, after some
> digging through the source (thank goodness for open source!) I found I
> needed to set the PROJ_LIB environment variable so that proj would know
> where to find the "proj_def.dat" file.  Then, it would find that clrk66 is
> the default ellipsoid.  Might be nice to have a warning message that it
> can't find the file, but I realize that would probably just add clutter to
> the screen or output files.
> Could the man page be changed to add the "+ellps=clrk66" parameter to the
> example?  That might help some folks new to proj.


I have added the +ellps=clrk66 to the example on the proj.1 man page.  I 
don't want to make the low level library complain if it doesn't find
proj_def.bat, because some applications uses the library without proj_def.dat.
It might make sense to make the command level programs (proj, cs2cs) report
a warning ... I will consider this in the future, but it isn't so obvious to
me how to do this.

Thanks for your bug report. 

Best regards,

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