[OSRS-PROJ] nad27->nad83 conversion error in nad2nad.exe

Paul Jensen pdjensen at agileimage.com
Sat Jun 2 12:44:12 EDT 2001

Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> Boris Furman wrote:
> ...
> > I do not think that the library was intended for
> > dynamic linking either. I skip initializing emess_data instance outside of
> > the library. Would it bring me any problems if I just do dat27->dat83
> > conversion only? Are there more not thread safe places in the source code
> > that I should look at?
> I am not sure I follow this.  It is true that PROJ.4 wasn't originally
> conceived as a shared library, but I have been using this way for some time.
> The emess_dat structure is initialized by emess.h in emess.o.  Further
> initialization should only be necessary if you want to set the program name
> or other parameters for more meaningful error messages.  Am I missing
> something here?

I've found several places where static variables are used to communicate
information between procedures.  That will fail when called from
different threads. The three I recall are in pj_init.c, pj_param.c, and mk_cheby.c.

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