[OSRS-PROJ] Gauss-Krueger to WGS 84

Ilja Schneider schneider at onestepahead.de
Mon Jun 18 10:58:49 EDT 2001


I am writing a program to convert EDBS files (containing geographic
into Mapinfo files. The coordinates are given in Gauss-Krueger and have
to be
converted into WGS 84. Example: zone:4558589320 right: 572748 top:
I have read that there are only 5 zones for Gauss-Krueger coordinates,
but I
have got a little more: 45587222 ; 45589120 ; 45589219 ; 45589220 ;
; 45589318 ; 45589319 ; 45589320 ; 45589321 ; 45589420

Is it possible that the diversity of zones is only 18 ; 19 ; 20 ; 21 ;
22 and
the first six digits are standing for some other information?

In the archive of this newsgroup I have found the following syntax to
from Gauss-Krueger into WGS 84   I have not realy understood how to
together my data with this, especialy the zone-information.

"proj -I +proj=tmerc +a=6377397.1550000003 +es=0.0066743720\
  +lat_0=0.0000000000 +lon_0=$bezug +k=1.0000000000 +x_0=$ans

Please answer in simple English or German, thanks a lot :).

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