[OSRS-PROJ] Binary win32 DLL version 4.4.3 available...

Bart Adriaanse B at rt.nl
Wed May 16 14:36:56 EDT 2001

Someone was asking for this on the list a while ago

I have put the win32 DLL i just compiled on our ftp server:


I noticed a new DEF file in 4.4.3 which defines the functions that are
exported in the DLL, i have put this up on the ftp server along with
proj_api.h so you can easily figure out how to adress the dll without
needing to download all the sources from remotesensing.org

To be able to adress the library from Visual Basic too i have modified the
declaration of all exported functions to use the __stdcall calling
convention so in fact it is a modified version of the sources i compiled it

If Frank wants to put up the win32 DLL on the remotesensing.org site that is
OK with me, the DLL works fine when i replace the old one with version 4.4.3
but i haven't done more serious testing on new features yet (epsg, 7
parameter datum shift...)

I also have built a MSVC6 workspace with all the project and make files that
allow you to interactively debug the DLL and use all the other features of
the Visual C IDE which are not available when using an external make file
with the command line compiler. If anyone is interested in a copy of this
don't hesitate to contact me at barta at demis.nl or barta at xs4all

Best Regards,

Bart Adriaanse
The Netherlands

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