[OSRS-PROJ] nad27->nad83 conversion error in nad2nad.exe

Boris Furman bfurman at vality.com
Thu May 17 16:09:33 EDT 2001


I installed PROJ.4 package on my Windows 2000 box. I can ran proj.exe:

bash-2.02$ cd /work/geoconv/proj-4.4.2/src
bash-2.02$ ./proj.exe +init=nad27:2001 +units=us-ft
-70d36'30.872 41d38'54.192 A residence
843640.74       237542.45 A residence

But when I try to run nad2nad.exe I get the following error:

bash-2.02$ ./nad2nad.exe -i 27 -o 83 -r conus
Rel. 4.4.2, 15 July 2000
datum file: conus, failed: no system list, errno: 2

program abnormally terminated


Would you please point me to what I am doing wrong?

Thank you,

Boris Furman
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