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Ed McNierney ed at topozone.com
Wed Sep 19 08:44:28 EDT 2001

Sorry - here's the email I received.  I've received several updates over
the last two years.

	- Ed


	GEOTRANS version 2.2.1 has just been released and is now
Platforms supported include Windows NT 4.0 & 2000, Solaris 2.5.1 and
Some of the changes incorporated into GEOTRANS since the 2.0.3 and 2.1
releases include:

 - Diagrams in Users' Guide and the on-line help showing MGRS grid zone,
band, and 100,000m square layouts.

 - Four new projections:  Ney's (Modified Lambert Conformal Conic),
Stereographic, British National Grid, and New Zealand Map Grid. 
(These were added in 2.2.  Azimuthal Equidistant, Gnomonic, and Oblique
Mercator were added in 2.1.)

 - More flexible support for delimiters in input files (commas,
tabs, spaces)

 - Special F-16 Grid Reference System, a special version of MGRS.

 - 90% CE, 90% LE, and 90% SE accuracy values for input coordinates can
specified.  These are used, along with datum transformation accuracy
information, in deriving the output coordinate accuracy values.

 - A pull-down menu of coordinate sources, including GPS, maps, and
geospatial data can be selected to automatically set input
accuracy values.

 - A fully functional Java GUI version.

The new release of GEOTRANS is now available through the NIMA GEOTRANS
download page on the various NIMA networks and through the Internet and
be downloaded if you have a .mil or .gov URL.

Alternatively, if you are a registered user and have received a copy of
GEOTRANS in the past, the software will be made temporarily available
download through the JMTK FTP site.  In order to obtain the software
this site, you must request a username and password from the JMTK help
You can contact the JMTK help desk by e-mailing them at
jmtkhelp at jmtk.org or
calling 1-888-549-JMTK.  The compressed packages containing the GEOTRANS
files are about 10MB and should be easily downloadable by anyone with a
internet connection.  If you arrange for a download through the JMTK FTP
site, please let the JMTK Help Desk know when you have downloaded it, or
you decide not to download it, as this is a temporary account that will
be turned off.

As a third option, you may request a CD-ROM that will be sent by mail.
Again, contact the JMTK Help Desk to request a CD.  Please provide your
and mailing address where you would like the CD sent.  Also, provide
phone number and e-mail address so that we may notify you about future

We hope you find the new GEOTRANS useful.  Please let us know if you
any questions, comments, or problems to report.


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Folks -

I recently (two months ago) received the email below regarding the
release of the 2.2.1 version of GEOTRANS, which I downloaded per the
instructions.  I'm certainly not a government or military user, nor have
I ever pretended to be <g>.  When I first downloaded the software
(probably 2 years ago or so) I did register as a user, and the email did
state that the update was available to "registered users".

I have never needed to use it for commercial purposes, so I've never
looked into the license restrictions (if any).  This is not "long
obsolete", as it was released (version 2.2.1) in June, 2001 according to
the release notes.

	- Ed

Ed McNierney
Chief Mapmaker
ed at topozone.com
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What you refer to is a long-obsolete version.  The latest stuff is not
"free" to the public, and it's still not adequate for civilian-style
scale mapping.  However, that DOES answer my question regarding what the
OSRS-PROJ group refers to as "GeoTrans."

Prof. Clifford J. Mugnier (cjmce at LSU.edu)
Chief of Geodesy
Department of Civil Engineering
Baton Rouge, LA  70803
Voice and Facsimile:  (225) 578-8536

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Clifford J Mugnier writes:
>What is GeoTrans?  The only one I know about is the
>"Geographic Translator"
>that is part of the Department of Defense Joint Mapping Tool
>Kit (JMTK).

FYI - NIMA has released the code

Source Code Disclaimer

1. The GEOTRANS source code ("the software") is provided free of charge
the National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) of the United States
Department of Defense. Although NIMA makes no copyright claim under
U.S.C., NIMA claims copyrights in the source code under other legal
NIMA hereby grants to each user of the software a license to use and
distribute the software, and develop derivative works.




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