[OSRS-PROJ] Borneo Projection

Frédéric Trastour dev at geoimage.fr
Thu Apr 4 04:28:15 EST 2002


I would like to define the 'RSO Borneo' projection (also called Rectified
Skew Orthomorphic Borneo Grid ) in PROJ4.

The parameters are ( from EPSG ) :
    Latitude of projection centre                4 ° 0 ' 0 " N
    Longitude of projection centre            115 °0 '0 "E
    Azimuth of initial line                             53 ° 18 ' 56,9537 "
    Angle from Rectified to Skew Grid     53 °7 ' 48,3685 "
    Scale factor on initial line                     0,99984
    Easting at projection centre                 590476,87 metre
    Northing at projection centre                442857,65 metre

The corresponding PROJ4 projection seems to be 'omerc'. The parameters of
this projection are:
+k_0, +lat_0, +no_rot, +no_uoff, +rot_conv, +alpha, +lonc, +x0, +y0.

In the page
http://remotesensing.org/geotiff/proj_list/hotine_oblique_mercator.html I
found that :

>While PROJ.4 dosn't have a Angle from Rectified to Skew Grid I think the
+no_rot flag is related to this parameter.
>+proj=omerc +lat_0=Latitude of projection center
>             +lonc=Longitude of projection center
>              +alpha=Azimuth of initial line
>              +k_0=Scale factor on initial line
>              +x_0=False Easting
>              +y_0=False Northing

I don't know where to specify the 'Angle from Rectified to Skew Grid' value.
What are the parameters 'no_rot', 'no_uoff' and 'rot_conv' ?
It is possible to define this projection anyway ?

Thanks in advance.

Frédéric Trastour - dev at geoimage.fr
 GEOIMAGE (www.geoimage.fr)
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