[OSRS-PROJ] problems with ' and " in coordinates?

Agustin Lobo alobo at ija.csic.es
Fri Apr 19 12:25:35 EDT 2002


I'm using PROJ to transform from lcc to lon,lat
and I'm confused by the following:

If I use:

proj -I +proj=lcc +a=6378388.0000000000 +es=0.0067226700 +lat_0=40.0
+lat_1=37.1780716667 +lat_2=42.8219283333 +lon_0=-3.687500  +x_0=600000.0
+y_0=600000.0 +unfact=1.0000000000 <<EOF
> 600000 600000
I get the correct result:
3d41'15"W       40dN

But if I use ' and " for the coordinates (i.e.,+lat_1=37d10'41.058"
of +lat_1=37.1780716667 ), I get a wrong result:

proj -I +ellps=intl +proj=lcc +x_0=600000  +y_0=600000
+lat_1=37d10'41.058"  +lat_2=42d49'18.9420"  +lon_0=-3d41'15"  +lat_0=40d
> 600000 600000
0dE     40dN

As I understand from the man page, both notations
are correct, where is the problem?



Dr. Agustin Lobo
Instituto de Ciencias de la Tierra (CSIC)
Lluis Sole Sabaris s/n
08028 Barcelona SPAIN
tel 34 93409 5410
fax 34 93411 0012
alobo at ija.csic.es

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