[OSRS-PROJ] Build problems with GEOTiff and PROJ

Hopper nathanh at broszengineering.com
Mon Aug 12 17:14:53 EDT 2002

I've compiled and installed PROJ.4, built from the latest stable source
using GCC 2.96 on Mandrake 8.2. Install went good, and ldconfig -v shows a
functional link to the library. I went with the default install location,
and added the appropriate path into lib conf:   libproj.so.0 ->

When attempting to build GEOTiff with the --with-proj, the configure script
fails to find the proj libraries. Here's the error, verbatim:

PROJ_HOME=yes, but either projects.h or libproj.a not found!
checking for pj_init in -lproj... (cached) no
checking for projects.h... (cached) no

When giving a path to the proj library, I was still unsuccessful. Does
GEOTiff need to be built against the PROJ source? I've been assuming that it
was merely looking for the location of the directory.

Any suggestions on where I might look to remedy this problem?


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