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> Being interested in puzzles, I worked through the code (more or less)
> and rewrote it in a language I prefer. I append the result. I've added
> some explanatory comments, although some mysteries remain--the original
> Donald notes would be needed to clear these up. Apparently John Snyder
> had a copy--anyone know where it might now be?
> I agree with a comment that, for something like this, the procdure
> is what it is, correct or not--it is purely conventional. So here
> are some results, with what comparison I could make.

Snyder's personal library is now archived at the Library of Congress. You 
might contact Ms. Kathryn Engstrom, Reference Team Leader, Geography and Map 
Division, Library of Congress. (keng at loc.gov) (1.202.707.8545)

daan Strebe

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