[OSRS-PROJ] mpoly - modified polyconic

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Mon Dec 9 23:20:00 EST 2002


Does anyone know anything about the 'mpoly' (Modified Polyconic) projection?
As pointed out by a PROJ.4 user, there doesn't seem to be any actual
implementation code for this projection in PJ_mpoly.c.   Can anyone think
of any reason I shouldn't just remove all reference to this projection?

Here is PJ_mpoly.c:
#ifndef lint
static const char SCCSID[]="@(#)PJ_mpoly.c	4.1	94/05/22	GIE	REL";
#define PROJ_PARMS__ \
	double	rho_0;
#define PJ_LIB__
#include	<projects.h>
PROJ_HEAD(mpoly, "Modified Polyconic")
	"\n\tPolyconic, Sph\n\tlat_1= and lat_2= lotsa";
FORWARD(s_forward); /* spheroid */
	return (xy);
INVERSE(s_inverse); /* ellipsoid & spheroid */
	return (lp);
FREEUP; if (P) pj_dalloc(P); }
	P->fwd = s_forward;
	P->inv = s_inverse;
	P->es = 0;

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