Paul Selormey paul at toolscenter.org
Mon Jul 8 20:38:11 EDT 2002

Hello Frank,

> You are welcome to make a separate mailing list on Yahoogroups.  I don't
> care too much for it any more because of the increasing insertion of
> advertising, and loss of control of stuff like classification (GDAL is
> classified as Adult!).

The aim is to create the opportunity for easy exchange of files, not a
list for others to subscribe to.
Boost.org for instance now have their own server and mailing list, but still
the yahoogroups site for uploading and exchanging of files and also for
of the archives.
I think it will benefit the group a lot if you create the read only/archieve
list there, unless there is a way of reading the archieve of this list.
With the web interface, it is easy for any member to add and download files.
I can manage that list if you do not have the time, but it is not meant to
the work here.

> However, I gave you an account on remotesensing.org so you could upload
> to the ftp site there.  Let me know if you need details on how to
> this.

I never knew this include ftp access, I thought it was just the CVS
account. I will write to your privately on this.

> I would also suggest you just keep the email on this list unless it
> substantial enough to warrant it's own list.

Again, I have no plan to leave this mailing list, there is no reason for it.

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