[OSRS-PROJ] Compiling proj4 fails on RedHat 7.3

Scott Holmes scottholmes at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jul 25 00:06:25 EDT 2002

I had a similar problem with libtool.  Poking around on the net, I found 

The above error is because your have a version of libtool on your
system that is < 1.4. Libtool 1.3.x copied a ltconfig and ltmain.sh
file into the build source. Libtool 1.4.x has only ltmain.sh and
ltconfig is generated automatically by ./configure (just look at the
size of aclocal.m4 before/after libtoolize/aclocal).

I renamed my ltconfig, which I believe is included in the CVS repository 
then ran make distclean, ./configure, make, and make install.

Mike Schmidt wrote:
> I've tried to compile proj4 (latest version) on RedHat linux 7.3. I've 
> tried this with both GCC2.96 and GCC3.1, with the same results. On 
> RedHat 6.2, this procedure works perfectly.
> It's a stock install, and I do what the instructions say:
> ./configure
> make

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