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Sounds a bit selfish. Having finished your project, it is just nice to help
others too.

Best regards,

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  Kick me off of this group, too.  I sent an email to the listserv, but I'm
still getting email.  This group was helpful, but I am done with my project
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    How do I get off of this group mail?
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      Hello Mike,
      This is a good news. Proj4 is being used in many projects. Therefore
      and current documentation is very much welcomed.
      For the formats you wish to produce, I suggest you use LaTeX. You can
      dvi, pdf, ps outputs for free! Also, there are many converters to html
and I
      think xml (never used any).

      Do you have access to the original documentation sources (not the

      Best regards,

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        With Frank Warmerdam's kind permission, and after some email
exchanges with Gerald Evenden, I have volunteered to take over the
documentation for Proj4. Sadly, this does not mean there will be a new
manual tomorrow, or even the next day. It will take me some time to gather
and integrate all the current information. With a little luck, I hope to
have something in place by the fall. The new documentation sources will be
placed in the proj4 cvs, and will therefore be accessible to everyone. The
intent is to produce pdf output, probably html, and possibly xml. The exact
toolset that will be used is not definite yet. I am not planning any
translations from English at this point. You will be welcome and even
encouraged to volunteer to translate once the originals are in CVS.

        I welcome all your suggestions, comments, etc. Please email me at
the address below or email this list, clearly indicating in the subject line
that your message is for the proj4 documentation. Please don't mix
documentation comments with other types of comments, I may miss them in that

        Thanks very much,


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