[OSRS-PROJ] VC++ and Project - Part 2

Paul Selormey paul at toolscenter.org
Tue Mar 12 09:23:53 EST 2002

Hello Frank,

> > Question 2:
> While some of the coding approaches in PROJ aren't what I would have done,
> they work fine, and I am not inclined to rework a bunch of code for
> clarity.

I understand. However, the reason for these posts is because I wish to work
this as far as possible. I will be using the library in my company's
product. However,
it does not make any sense to keep my modifications. So, I wish to involve
all so that
the results will be used and also not be seen as a fork of the original

In fact, there will actually be a fork-a complete standard C++ version, but
before then
I am working to clean up the C version too. To move to the C++, I will need
to understand
the inner working, at least the flow of the current version.
I am documenting all my changes, I had to modify some lines, do some casting
to make
the current source compile under VC++ without any warning (initially had
over 190 warnings),
some due to the macros resulting in uninitialized values.

> > Question 3:
> Let me know if you encounter a problem.  I have tried to separate things
> into proj_api.h which is public declarations, and hopefully just the stuff
> that applications really need, and projects.h which includes lots of
> internal stuff, some of which will conflict with windows.h and friends.
> It is my intentions to make proj_api.h easy to mix with other include
> but not so with projects.h.

I have not actually started using the library in any project yet, just
getting it ready. So, that
was just a suggestion and also to find out if anyone had a problem with it.
There is also PVALUE
defined in Windows header. Since, I am now using the VC++ IDE some of these
are easy to pick

I will post the complete project by this weekend so that others could start
looking at it.

Best regards,

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