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Paul Selormey paul at toolscenter.org
Thu May 30 23:05:35 EDT 2002

Hello Frank,

> The problem was that strtod("15d10") on VC++ treated the value as 15 times
> 10 to the exponent 10 (scientific notation).  The values like "15d10" are
> common in DMS specific inputs.  The problem with replacing it with my
> own implementation is I don't know how widely the custom strtod() is used,
> and hence how much of the full strtod() functionality needs to be
> replicated.

Thanks for the information.

> Of course you may fork the library, and develop in any direction you want
> Making the code more readable, and evolving to a clean C++ implementation
> some value but two forks splitting the available maintenance efforts and
> base can have a negative effect on both forks.  Nevertheless you have
> you want to pursue, and should your fork satisfy the needs of PROJ.4 users
> better than the existing fork then I will have more time to concentrate on
> efforts.

I really do not wish to see two different implementations of the same
library, I will
put in all the necessary efforts to come out with a C++ implementations with
C functions (just like the OGR and GDAL libraries) to replace the current.
though I also wish for a C# version, I really need the Java version for a
project too.
ProjJ is a similar Java effort, but a base C++ implementation will make it
easier to
keep the two sources at the same level of functionality.

I hope many here will give the necessary support, especially in testing.

Best regards,

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