[OSRS-PROJ] Projection parameters for Italian old IGM?

Bud P. Bruegger bud at sistema.it
Tue Apr 29 03:45:53 EDT 2003

Hello everyone,

I hope someone can help me with what should probably be an easy

For an old series Italian IGM 1:25,000 map, I try to project the map
corners (whose lat/long is known) to UTM (as used in the map).  

I naively tried the following:

proj +proj=utm +zone=32 +ellps=intl

and corrected the longitude by hand for the meridian of Rome
(12d27'8.4"E).  But the UTM coordinates that come out don't seem to
be correct.  Any idea what I'm doing wrong and how the projection
should be defined?

Also, if anyone has a numeric example handy for testing...

Many thanks for any help I can get!


PS.  I found the following information that is probably for the new
series IGM that may shed more light on my problem:

 Transverse_Mercator (ARC/INFO keyword: TRANSVERSE)
 Unità di Distanza Planare: METRI (ARC/INFO keyword: METERS)
 Fattore di scala al meridiano centrale: 0.99960
 Longitudine del meridiano centrale: -3°27'08.4'' per il fuso Ovest / 
                                     +2°32'51.6'' per il fuso Est
 Falso est: 1500000 per il fuso Ovest /
            2520000 per il fuso Est
 Nome del Datum: MOD
 Nome dell'Ellissoide: INTERNATIONAL1909

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