[OSRS-PROJ] Re: Weirdnesses in the source code

Ton Hospel proj at ton.iguana.be
Tue Jul 8 14:00:47 EDT 2003

In article <1057684505.3180.38.camel at localhost>,
	"Gerald I. Evenden" <gerald.evenden at verizon.net> writes:
> The following is apparently old code and does not match libproj4.
> No longer supported.
>> PJ_cea.c
>> 	if (pj_param(P->params, "tlat_ts").i &&
>> 		(P->k0 = cos(t = pj_param(P->params, "rlat_ts").f)) < 0.) E_ERROR(-24)
>> 	else
>> 		t = 0.;
>>   P->k0 doesn't get set if pj_param(P->params, "tlat_ts").i isn't done.
>>   It's however used.
>>   For t=0 the corresponding k0 is 1, which is the default (except when
>>   it gets explicitely set), so maybe it's what you want. But it at least 
>>   deserves a comment in that case I'd say
>>   PS, k0 seems nowhere explained in the docs. Shouldn't it be ?

mm, this is from ftp://ftp.remotesensing.org/pub/proj/proj-4.4.7.tar.gz
Is there anything more recent I should be looking at instead ?

> pj_enfn no longer exists.  pj_authset no longer exists.  Check
> liproj4 distribution.

I definitely must be looking at something old, since e.g. pj_authset
is used in PJ_cea.c and PJ_laea.c. Where do i find the newer 
libproj4 ? I don't see a reference to it on 

Or should I be looking in the CVS ?
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