[OSRS-PROJ] proj.4 in VB

Christopher Pouliot chris.pouliot at dnr.state.mn.us
Wed Jun 25 14:04:17 EDT 2003


I have downloaded the proj.dll file (v4.4.6) and am trying
unsuccessfully to use it in Visual Basic.  The simple initialization
code below causes a fatal error in VB and crashes the program.  My
experience working with external DLLs is limited so any assistance or
sample VB code would be greatly appreciated.

Private Declare Function pj_init Lib "c:\software\proj\bin\proj.dll"
(ByVal argc As Integer, ByRef argv() As String) As String

Private Sub Command1_Click()
  Dim anArr(2) As String
  Dim aResponse As String
  anArr(0) = "proj=utm"
  anArr(1) = "zone=11"
  anArr(2) = "ellps=GRS80"
  aResponse = pj_init(3, anArr)
End Sub

Thank you,

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