[OSRS-PROJ] PROJ 4.4.6 Release

Alexander Weidauer alex.weidauer at huckfinn.de
Tue Mar 4 12:02:39 EST 2003

Hi Frank,

I've recompiled the files for Borland C environment for the
4.4.6 version. The code is now synchron with yours to set the
path I've implemented a new source file call pj_init1.c it is
very short and contains our discussed code to set the nad search
path via the "setfinder" function. I've have to do so, because
you can't  set a function prototype through a DLL.

For the library I've to add only the function

PJ * pj_init_plus_path( const char *definition, const char *aDataPath )

to the proj_api.h and the proj.def file.

But I lost the feature to set the absolut path in the tools proj, nad 
etc. May be it is usefull for this tool to establish a path switch ?

Bye Alex

The new library is initial tested for the Booland C++wrapper class and 
the Delphi API. I' will send a mail if the files are downloadable.

Here the code for pj_init1.c

// proj_init_plus_path for the BWin32 Borland Environment
// ..written by A. Weidauer alex.weidauer at huckfinn.de
#include <string.h>.h"
#include "projects.h"

static char *ProjDataPath = NULL;
static const char *ProjFileFinder( const char *aFile )
      static char *aLastPath = NULL;

      if( ProjDataPath == NULL )
          return aFile;

      if( aLastPath != NULL )
         free( aLastPath );
      aLastPath = (char *) malloc(strlen(ProjDataPath)+strlen(aFile)+2);
      strcpy( aLastPath, ProjDataPath );
      strcat( aLastPath, "\\" );
      strcat( aLastPath, aFile );
      return aLastPath;
PJ * pj_init_plus_path( const char *definition, const char *aDataPath )
    if( aDataPath != NULL )   {
       if( ProjDataPath != NULL )
           free( ProjDataPath );
       ProjDataPath = strdup(aDataPath);
    pj_set_finder( ProjFileFinder );
    return pj_init_plus(definition);
// EndOf

Frank Warmerdam schrieb:
> Folks,
> I have decided to kick out a PROJ 4.4.6 release.  A tentative attempt at 
> this
> is now available for download from the PROJ.4 page at:
>   http://www.remotesensing.org/proj
> The NEWS file reports:
> 4.4.6 Release Notes
> -------------------
>  o Incorporated new lcca (Lambert Conformal Conic Alternate) projection 
> from
>    Gerald.
>  o Updated 'espg' translation file for EPSG 6.2.2 with better support for
>    prime meridians.
>  o Added Prime Meridians via +pm command switch to cs2cs (and 
> pj_transform).
>  o Fixed bug with 7 parameter transforms.
>  o Added 'esri' pseudo-epsg coordinate system file.
>  o Cleanup so that PROJ.4 compiles clean as C++ code.
>  o Added pj_get_def() to expand definitions of stuff like +init clauses.
>  o Added a Krovak implementation (proj=krov).  Note this may change again
>    in the next release.
> Although not noted, this release also attempts to work well on Cygwin, and
> includes more recent versions of the automake, and libtool files.   If no
> problems are encountered I will announce the release more widely on the
> freegis mailing list, and freshmeat.net.
> Best regards,

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