[OSRS-PROJ] PROJ 4.4.6 Release

Daniel Morissette morissette at dmsolutions.ca
Tue Mar 4 13:39:01 EST 2003

Frank Warmerdam wrote:
>   o Updated 'espg' translation file for EPSG 6.2.2 with better support for
>     prime meridians.
>   o Added 'esri' pseudo-epsg coordinate system file.


Do you know the difference between the contents of the epsg file and the
esri file?  It seems to me that the esri file contains most if not all
of the epsg codes, plus about a dozen ESRI-specific codes.

Can you, or someone else confirm that the esri file is just an older
version of the epsg file to which these 12 ESRI-specific codes have been
added at the end?  If that's the case then should we update the esri
file in the distribution to be based on the latest epsg file?


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