[OSRS-PROJ] PROJ 4.4.6 Release

Gerald I. Evenden gerald.evenden at verizon.net
Tue Mar 4 13:54:03 EST 2003

When and if I finish up the alternate Oblique Stereographic I
will probably also release a new version of the *pristine* PROJ.4.
The naming obviously needs some difference so I will call my
release: PROJ.4_e.x.y.  The e suffix has an obvious source.

I have to do it this way as I am uncompromisingly against some
of the material in libproj because it has *nothing* to do with
cartographic projections.  For example, datum and geocentric
related code.  Also, the new _e releases will be clear of geodesic
and nad2nad material.  I may release a replacement for geod
using Vincente's method---slightly more accurate.  But for
nad2nad, I am not in a position (also read: not interested)
to properly maintain the tables.

There are a couple of items in OSRS's release that could be
considered legitimate additions to PROJ.4. One of them is the
alternate meridian option.  This is mainly a matter of lazyness
in altering +lon_0 but lot's of things cater to the lazy although
is is nice to have a list of alternate prime meridians.  There
may be other added projection options I am unaware of that may be
useful so I would appreciate being reminded of them.

Another item is making sure the code will compile under C++.
My problem here is I am totally ignorant of C++ so when I once
tried to force gcc C++ with all warning-complaint flags on to
compile a PJ_*.c file I got a warning I am total in the dark about.
If these test compiles kick something up that is documented in
Harbison and Steele. I'll try and fix it.

Lastly, distribution will have the sources divided among sub-
directories as per my working environment.  Putting all the
C files in one directory is overwhelming.  The subdirectories
are support, conic, cylinder, azimuthal, etc..  Pretty obvious.

Respond with complaints, barbs and criticisms.

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