Daniel Morissette morissette at dmsolutions.ca
Tue Mar 4 15:42:04 EST 2003

Paul Ramsey wrote:
> Attached.
> Derived by: downloading all projections from ESRI's ArcXML reference
> site, parsing out of HTML, and then applying the OGR coordinate system
> functions to turn the WKT into Proj4.
> Paul

Thanks for this Paul.  Unfortunately I think I didn't formulate my
question properly earlier today.  What I'm trying to do is come up with
is a epsg file that will contain all the regular epsg definitions and
all the esri-specific projections.  This is so that our WMS clients can
talk to ESRI WMS servers which advertize custom EPSG codes like

Looking more closely at the file you sent I notice that there are a
bunch of definitions outside of the 0-32767 range.  Do you know if it
would be safe to assume that any definitions inside the 0-32767 range in
the esri file are a subset of the ones in the epsg file, so to produce
my merged file for my WMS client I could use the latest epsg file from
PROJ 4.4.6 and append to it all definitions from the esri file with ids
above 32767?

I guess I could walk through the file and find out myself, but if you
know the answer to that question already then that would save me some
time.  :)


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