[OSRS-PROJ] The alternate Oblique Stereographic Projection

Gerald I. Evenden gerald.evenden at verizon.net
Thu Mar 6 12:36:13 EST 2003

First, I do not consider the my web site very public as this mail
group is the only place it has be advertised.  I don't think Google
has picked it up yet.

I probably should rehack the comments on the index page as they are
not quite as clear as I would like.  My major concern is the lack
of structure of the software data base and the misconception that
cartographic projections, geodesy and datum applications are all
one item.

I would dearly like to see a good site for public distribution
of detailed information on cartographic projections; both
descriptive and computational.  I can understand and be equally
sympathetic to this attitude on the subject of geodesy and datums.
Again, and I can't emphasize this enough, the subject areas need
to be kept in their own pigeon holes so that the user need not be
confronted with a mass of unrelated information in his/her retrieval.

If proj4 does not satisfy your needs, then perhaps you are looking
in the wrong place.  If the need is not projection related then
why look in a projection library.  For example, translation of
geographic coordinates to geocentric x-y-z coordinates is not a
projection so why look in a projection library?

Lastly, I cannot run a proj.4 source by myself because of a lack of
resources.  Most importantly, I need a collection of critics who will
look at and use the material and subject it to critical tests for
accuracy and readability.  Secondly, being retired I do not have
a library card to get at potential sources.  Even if I did, it is
over 60 miles to Boston and would cost over $25US per trip---
public transportation or private car to say nothing of lost personal
time.  And even then a trip up there is not likely to yield an obscure
paper from the Czech Republic.

Going back to the web site and the editorial comments.  Remove it?
Change it?  I dunno.  It is still an issue I have not heard a
clear response to.

On Wed, 2003-03-05 at 23:23, Paul Selormey wrote:
> Hello Gerald,
> Thanks for the updates and the great work.
> I have just visited your site for the first time.
> I must say that I am personally not impressed by your "Basic Concern"
> section. You have expressed your views on this forum, but making it
> a public compaign message seems a bit out of the way.
> Frank could have renamed the library, in which case the original version
> will continue to exist. In fact, there is no reason why you should not
> maintain the original version and distribute it for anyone interested.
> You or the Proj4 project may have some target, but Frank definitely also
> have
> some target like anyone here.
> Modifications to satisfy the target is a natural thing and we should all
> respect it.
> If current Proj4 does not meet my target, I think I will fork it to get what
> I needed.
> I personally respect and admire you a lot for the great work done,
> but reading the stuff there was not encouraging at all.
> Please consider getting ride of it - this is my personal view.
> Best regards,
> Paul.

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