[OSRS-PROJ] proj-4.4.6 can't find epsg

Leah Roderman elrod at oaktownunderground.com
Sun Mar 16 17:00:37 EST 2003

Thanks for the debug tips Frank -- it does appear to be a permissions problem since passing the epsg code from the command line works just fine. I neglected to mention that my MapServer is being invoked by an Apache virtual host -- still some tweaking to do.

- L

>Leah Roderman wrote:
>> Hello, I'm running into a problem with proj-4.4.6 not finding the epsg file.
>> I am using proj4 with MapServer 3.6.4 on RedHat8.0, and compiled proj4 (using
>> gcc 3.2) first with default option, and then MapServer (using gcc 2.95). From
>> what I've read, everything is located where it should be, so I'm wondering
>> what I missed.
>> The error is produced by using the term "init=espg:102003" in a MapServer
>> projection layer. This epsg code corresponds to Albers NAD83 in the epsg
>> file. Output to browser is "msProcessProjection(): Projection library error.
>> no system list, errno: 2"
>> MapServer says it recognizes proj4:
>> # cgi-bin/mapserv -v MapServer version 3.6.4 OUTPUT=PNG OUTPUT=JPEG
>> system knows proj:
>> # which proj /usr/local/bin/proj # /usr/local/bin/proj -v Rel. 4.4.6, 3 March
>> 2003 <proj>: projection initialization failure cause: no arguments in
>> initialization list program abnormally terminated
>> nad dir exists where supposed to:
>> # ls /usr/local/share/proj/ epsg  GL27   nad83    pj_out27.dist  proj_def.dat
>> test83 esri  nad27  nad.lst  pj_out83.dist  test27        world
>> Perhaps permissions? all owned by root, 644. Hmmmm, what else. No mention of
>> epsg in config.log
>I would suggest:
>  o trying to see if "proj -V +init=epsg:102003" works properly.
>  o Does you mapserver running under apache have read permissions
>    down into /usr/local/share/proj?
>  o set the PROJ_DEBUG environment variable and see what it reports
>    about opening supporting files.  (just set it to anything).
>  o Set the PROJ_LIB environment variable to /usr/local/share/proj
>I think the mostly likely problem is not having read permission to
>the file for the user under which your mapserver runs.
>Good luck,
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