[OSRS-PROJ] proj-4.4.6 can't find epsg

Leah Roderman elrod at oaktownunderground.com
Tue Mar 18 18:49:50 EST 2003

Hello, I'm seeing the following error in my Apache error log after setting PROJ_DEBUG. This from MapServer 3.4.6 on RedHat 8.0 with proj-4.4.6...

[Tue Mar 18 15:06:44 2003] [error] [client] pj_open_lib(proj_def.dat): call fopen(/usr/local/share/proj/proj_def.dat).

I was expecting a permissions error on the file, but this looks as if pj_open_lib() is producing an error from unsucessfully calling fopen(). The path and file are correct, so my next step was going to be examining PHP version details.

thanks much!

- Leah
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